Sunday, October 3, 2010

Healthy Tip......

Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, I thought I would share some tips I got from SHAPE magazine to help reduce our chances of getting cancer.

"KEEP THE SCALE STEADY- More than 90,000 cancer deaths a year occur due to being overweight. Carrying as little as 10 extra pounds may increase production of sex hormones like estrogen, raising your risk for breast and uterine cancer. And it increases inflammation in your body which may trigger many other types of cancer. I step on the scale every few days. If the number creeps up, I try to exercise a little more or eat a little less to get back on track......ANN KULZE, M.D."

"CUT BACK ON SUGAR- The average American consumes 185 pounds of the sweet stuff in a year, or 5 times the recommended amount. Too much sugar can act like a fertilizer for cancer cells, encouraging them to grow and multiply. I always opt for seltzer or unsweetened tea flavored with lemon instead of sweetened beverages......MARK HYMAN, M.D."

"CLEAN GREEN-We tested more than 20 cleaning products and found they release up to seven carcinogens not listed on the label. Among the worst offenders were air fresheners and bathroom cleaners. Make your cleaners from baking soda and vinegar...REBECCA SUTTON, Ph.D."

"UP YOUR D-FENSE- Vitamin D (aka the 'sunshine' vitamin) plays a key role in boosting the immune system and protecting against cancer. Low levels of D may be connected to roughly 85,000 cancer deaths a year, while having enough of the vitamin can cut your breast and colon cancer risk by 50 percent. That's why I take a supplement with about 1,000 IU every day...JACOB TEITELBAUM, M.D."

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